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Now that I have no debts, how do I start again?

Post bankruptcy many clients get a clean start. You may find yourself with a surplus of funds which you never had before. We suggest you start again by saving prudently. Start putting away a little extra for your retirement, unexpected future expenses or that long awaited vacation. We recommend meeting with a financial planner to develop a strategy to help you reach your new financial goals.


Now that my debts have been eliminated, what about my credit?

After bankruptcy many clients find that their credit score will improve noticeably. Many clients file bankruptcy when their credit is already declining because of the their debt obligation. Now that all or many of the debts are eliminated, many clients tend to see upside with regards to their credit score and purchasing power.


It has been many years since I was ever without debt or even a credit card, should I get a credit card again?

This is your new start, and only you can decide whether getting a credit card again is right for you. Often, within 3 months of obtaining your discharge from bankruptcy, individuals will get credit card offers in the mail. Getting a credit card can be beneficial if used strategically to build credit. See a financial planner if you need help with deciding whether a credit card may be right for you.