Directions To Albuquerque, New Mexico Office

Building Exterior


Building Entrance


Building Interior (Entrance)


  1. Go to the Bank of the West Tower building located at 500 Marquette Avenue NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.  The cross street is 5th Street NW. We are directly across from City Hall.
  2. Enter through the garage entrance.
  3. Park on the second level of the garage (the entrance to the building is on this level for individuals parking in the building garage). You can park on the other floors but you will need to take the garage elevator to the second floor because the building entrance is located on the second floor of the garage.
  4. Once you are inside the Bank of the West Tower building, take the elevators to the 12 Floor.
  5. McCook Law Firm, LLC is located on the 12th Floor in Suite 1200.
  6. Go to the receptionist desk and let the receptionist know you have an appointment with McCook Law Firm.
  7. Please bring your parking ticket and we will validate your parking so that you will not have to pay.

500 Marquette Avenue NW, Suite 1200, Albuquerque, NM 87102